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Does Trickle Charging Extend Car Battery Life?

For those unfamiliar with the concept of battery trickle charger – It is simply charging an almost full car battery at a proportional or lower current than its self-discharge rate.

Having your battery charged at a slow and steady rate results in increased battery life and even a better overall charge…. Is what they say!

So does trickle charging actually increase a car’s battery life?

Though you might think with all the patience and perseverance, you could extend your battery’s life, we hate to be the bearer of the bad news- Trickle charging does not really make a big difference. A trickle charge does very little to prolong your car battery life compared to the amount of time and effort you put into it. Further, Some trickle chargers are able to detect when the battery is full while others may go on indefinitely, resulting in the complete opposite of what you would wish for. Still, if you wish to try trickle charging yourself to here’s all that you need:

How Is Trickle Charging Done?

Set The Current On The Trickle Charger

Firstly you need to have that special charger. Then, change the voltage values according to your car battery.

Clip The Connectors

Decide on a permanent parking spot as your vehicle cannot move in this process and then clip the connectors firmly to the terminals.

Plug Into Power

The last step is to just lay down the charger, plug it into the switch, and observe.

How long does Trickle Charging take?

A trickle charger can take anywhere from 1-2 days to complete a full charge. One benefit of using a trickle charger is less heating of the battery as it only uses 1-2 amps.

Does trickle Charge Help Rejuvenate a dead car battery?

A trickle charger cannot revive a dead battery it can only be used to keep one charged.

As for a corroded car battery, again restoration cannot be done simply through a low voltage charger. It requires a thorough cleaning, straining the acid, removing the corrosion, and reassembling although there’s much more to that process.

Check The Water Level Of battery

The acid inside a car battery requires a certain amount of water to keep its concentration in check. Over time the water is depleted due to regular contact with the acid causing it to get stronger. Depleted battery water is one of the main causes of corrosion buildup in the terminals. It is recommended to check your car battery every few weeks to avoid the complete sapping of water from the system.

Avoid Long Disuse Of The Car

If you plan on leaving the town for a while maybe some pandemic has made you unable to go for a long drive, We recommended disconnecting the terminals of your car’s battery to cut the power off from the vehicle completely. Even as the vehicle is turned off, it is able to draw power from the battery, slowly and steadily draining it. A long enough non-use of the vehicle can lead to complete draining of the battery and would even require you to jump-start the car.

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